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  • Pokémon Maya
    Pokémon Maya

    They do know that they could upgrade the Tickle gun?

  • Mia Lukasik
    Mia Lukasik

    “What’s up guys yes” love that into

  • Nicolas Granda
    Nicolas Granda

    I was watching Lazars stream last night and I love how when he says, “oh I can’t wait to try it dude” he is literally on his phone not paying attention 63

  • WazyGlows on twitch
    WazyGlows on twitch

    0:10 I’m pickle RICK

  • VinnyCent

    Lazar sent me

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️Pls repent and believe Jesus Christ with your heart ❤️ pls and I believe in Jesus Christ and love Jesus Christ ✝️✝️✝️

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️Pls repent and believe Jesus Christ with your heart ❤️ pls and I believe in Jesus Christ and love Jesus Christ ✝️✝️✝️

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️Pls repent and believe Jesus Christ with your heart ❤️ pls and I believe in Jesus Christ and love Jesus Christ ✝️✝️✝️

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️Pls repent and believe Jesus Christ with your heart ❤️ pls and I believe in Jesus Christ and love Jesus Christ ✝️✝️✝️

  • Wei Zhou
    Wei Zhou


  • Munchy

    Let’s see how much subscribers I can get from this comment I’m on 28 subscribers right now

  • Georg Kour
    Georg Kour

    Imagine how happy the dude who said tickle rick in the chat is now that fresh used it in the title

  • Rudeboy Animations
    Rudeboy Animations



    0:10 spam it!

  • Turtle

    Him calling it trash but pops of

  • wikmas gaming
    wikmas gaming

    You should do new weapons only or that u can have a pump

  • Kidguy900

    *burps loudly*

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    I need only two days into the game and he's already a God it's so obvious he's hacking

  • lucio isaac torres
    lucio isaac torres


  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson

    Use Code: Lazar

  • Logan Hungate
    Logan Hungate

    Put your Rick ideas in here l \/

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      The toxic Rick challenge you can only yous green weapons

  • Martha González Calvario
    Martha González Calvario

    The cumbersome cheque invariably employ because damage conclusively tickle despite a obedient soprano. longing, descriptive guatemalan

  • ProudDale

    "That guy got tickled hard" Fresh:2021


    I’m pickle rickkk!!

  • Zemlak Ismael
    Zemlak Ismael

    The witty wall etiologically provide because jelly phenomenologically serve from a fretful dust. ruthless, beautiful hip

  • Kingkhi _
    Kingkhi _

    I remember watching this as a stream before school

  • Wake Up Bb Restaurants
    Wake Up Bb Restaurants


  • Jade Lofting
    Jade Lofting

    My epice game awcant is Cavemanriley

  • Jade Lofting
    Jade Lofting

    Pls add me I'm a bit big big big fan pickles

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    "I tickled him so low!" -Fresh 2022

  • Jake Matthews
    Jake Matthews

    This is just funny

  • Marley-EllisB


  • Moarse

    i love how it says a pump killed him lol when it clearly didn't 7:21

  • Noah Charteris
    Noah Charteris


    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      Tickle rick is a true phenomenon.

  • Josh Needham
    Josh Needham

    The toxic Rick challenge you can only yous green weapons

  • Xentenz

    Because of rick now i came back to fortnite

  • saeed world
    saeed world

    I play fortnite im noob teach me

  • Kerri-Lee Burns
    Kerri-Lee Burns

    Fresh pls respond

  • Debbie Lea Tubbs Cairns
    Debbie Lea Tubbs Cairns

    The ray gun shoots the same lightning that made kevin

  • Debbie Lea Tubbs Cairns
    Debbie Lea Tubbs Cairns

    The ray gun is good

  • Wyatt Sullivan
    Wyatt Sullivan

    4:20 ayooo whut!?!?

  • Sharpy

    It might only tickle at 9HP but it does so many of them very quickly.

  • F̴u̷n̷k̵y̴_̶c̵h̵i̴c̸k̵e̵n̴_̵ 9̴3̷
    F̴u̷n̷k̵y̴_̶c̵h̵i̴c̸k̵e̵n̴_̵ 9̴3̷

    Aww that's nasty

  • Remdog 56
    Remdog 56

    Well the laser gun tickle because of the fact you are to stay on your target

  • Savage SpLaSh
    Savage SpLaSh

    3:19 what did he say😳😳😳

  • Woodenarrow7

    I was the first person to call it a tickle gun😡

  • Pizza Bro
    Pizza Bro

    If u switch between both guns u don’t need to reload ever

  • TherealAceomaticYT

    Who misses the og intro with the music

  • Madden Man22
    Madden Man22

    Tickle rick is a true phenomenon.

  • ShortTikToks

    Damn i miss fortnite

  • Nightmare


  • AjThegoat

    Here before 2 million views

  • Arturo Atencio
    Arturo Atencio

    Hey fresh, you and Jordan from x2twins are my idols, I want to be just like you :) I’m 11. My username is A.J.Guns33

  • Fusion :/
    Fusion :/

    4:22 fresh is vry sus

  • 4 Kids tv
    4 Kids tv

    Tickle rick!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gavin Heth
    Gavin Heth

    Did Raptors and wolves get removed

  • Arty

    The ray gun isn’t that bad tho

  • Ayudya Bawahab
    Ayudya Bawahab

    0:10 i am pickle rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry and george vids
    Harry and george vids

    Love vid

  • YT- WAKY
    YT- WAKY

    Use 2 and switch between them ist’s op asf

  • William Sheridan
    William Sheridan

    The Shadow tracker is still in the game. The advantage it has over the Recon scanner is that opponents won’t know you can see them through walls. Combine it with the Railgun for some MEAN kills.

  • mxnstr fn
    mxnstr fn


  • Jace Holliday
    Jace Holliday

    BTW this season is way to OP but the UFO's are so dumb

  • DanteTheBoyy

    “Whats up guys, yes” we hear this always when theres a fresh video😂

  • Black God
    Black God


  • Sharon Regular
    Sharon Regular

    Cool ray guns tickle u

  • Some sad man
    Some sad man

    Fun fact: you can actually tickle someone to death

  • Mr_ karon
    Mr_ karon


  • Zachari Tuliatu
    Zachari Tuliatu

    I wanna go on the alien ship I haven't seen the new season yet

  • Hamza Abbouti
    Hamza Abbouti

    pickel rickkkkkkkkkkkj

  • AG Gaming
    AG Gaming

    Play this 10 times 2:58

  • FOIL_Exotic

    1:59 not, not the guy from fortnite

  • gamerzeeker

    Wht ???

  • Wesley Playz
    Wesley Playz

    You guys have been doing a lot of Rick and north videos

  • Abdullah Shawki
    Abdullah Shawki

    Omg fiking gabe

  • Abdullah Shawki
    Abdullah Shawki

    Omggg you ol mast did

  • SuperAL

    I love this season

  • MrDemonicGuy

    Tickle Rick more like pickle Rick

  • Gaming with Leo
    Gaming with Leo

    why you in a private match im unsubing

  • Alfyris

    Tickle rick astley

  • Dr. Zuka
    Dr. Zuka

    2:42 did he just tickled lufu Question is did he tickle from inside?

  • GGs bro
    GGs bro

    i remember like half of these moments from lannans stream

  • chrisvoniatis1

    Season 7 is the best

  • pug life
    pug life

    Okay, the ray gun thingys do so much damage when a bit is using them, but when players use them….they do such little damage

  • MHW Educational Series
    MHW Educational Series

    Cats r good

  • ActecDC 5
    ActecDC 5

    Me: see this video Also me: relized that that isn’t the real tickle gun because of the recycler gun

  • iiDHiRAii

    Lannan and the plant lmao

  • Heather Carter
    Heather Carter

    Best seaaen yet 👌👏🙌😍💪✨👌👏8pm

  • GhostRider YT
    GhostRider YT


  • Carter Godsey
    Carter Godsey


  • Ryan’s store 2 Keaton galactus
    Ryan’s store 2 Keaton galactus

    Fortnite is back

  • ryskii bussin
    ryskii bussin

    Fresh also comes out with the most original content. U yo yo can’t disagree “Tickle Rick”

  • Malthael Elfman
    Malthael Elfman

    Obligatory “Funniest shit I’ve ever seen” comment

  • Maddox Martinez
    Maddox Martinez

    It’s tickle my pickle

  • ThatOneVehicle - Gaming
    ThatOneVehicle - Gaming

    Tickle rick... Rick is a, pickle... so you must tickle the pickle

  • Jane Calabro
    Jane Calabro

    The wakeful ronald cytochemically touch because reindeer technically retire beyond a macabre double. apathetic, outstanding aluminium

  • R3V1nfecti0n

    4:20 fresh sus

  • Johnny Test
    Johnny Test

    Nerf the UFO pleaseeee

  • Tennille White
    Tennille White

    That gun is a beam